Brief Bio

Andrew Rudin has studied changes in energy use in more than 2,000 buildings belonging to congregations in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Houston and other cities. He has also worked extensively with other non-profit community service agencies, such as YMCAs and day care centers, to reduce their energy costs.

Andrew has a bachelor’s degree from Clark University in Worcester Massachusetts and masters in the arts of teaching from the University of Vermont.

Andrew was vice-chair of the committee within the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) for establishing an energy conservation standard for existing buildings in America. He was a member of the committee within the Illuminating Engineering Society for the newly revised guidelines for lighting houses of worship.

For the past thirty years, Andrew has been the project coordinator for the Interfaith Coalition on Energy (ICE) in Philadelphia whose mission is to inspire congregations to reduce the costs of operating their facilities. ICE guides congregations to use measurably less energy, to purchase energy at lower cost, and to anticipate and prevent problems with mechanical and electrical systems within their buildings. The goal is to create money for community service while practicing environmental stewardship.

Andrew has presented more than 300 workshops on energy management in religious facilities. He has written over 100 articles for national periodicals, published over 100 newsletters for the Interfaith Coalition on Energy.

The Andrew’s home/office has solar photovoltaics, solar domestic hot water, wood heat, sun room, no lawn and large garden.